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Licensed Clinical Psychologist – President

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Dr. Kaczmarek sees people across the lifespan and also specializes in the treatment of children.

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Dr. Kaczmarek sees people across the lifespan and also specializes in the treatment of children. She is passionate about working with kids that have been misunderstood and their family members. Dr. Kaczmarek approaches treatment with clients in a systemic fashion by actively including the parents, services providers, and schools into intervention. She applies a neurodivergent-affirming and LGBTQ-affirming approach while exploring personal meaning related to every person’s cultural background.   

Dr. Kaczmarek works with young and middle-aged adults who are looking for a supportive, open-minded therapist with a relational approach. She prefers to adopt a resilience-based approach in motivating clients to push-through difficulties and find their “best self”. She is a particularly good fit for professionals and executives that find themselves balancing too many responsibilities and feeling over-worked and/or under-fulfilled. Dr. Kaczmarek can help you process patterns manifesting in stressful circumstances across life sectors, and she can help you problem-solve your way through them. Or, at the very least, help you re-focus on what you can do differently.

In regards to the treatment of children, there is no one-size-fits all approach. To be able to address a wide variety of needs, Dr. Kaczmarek is adept at integrating a variety of interventions using behaviorism, psychoeducation of neurodevelopmental principles, skills and play-based emotional learning, and non-directive attachment based healing. Based on your child’s needs, she will strive to find a good blend of what will benefit your family best. One thing is for sure, expect an active therapist and lots of playfulness!

Dr. Kaczmarek applies a high degree of conceptualization in her therapy session. This means that she will help you analyze the purpose of your symptoms and the unconscious processes to your patterns. She may provide direct feedback on self-sabotaging patterns, but overall, she strives to ensure sessions feel productive and encouraging.

Specialties & Interests

Children Neurodivergence

Families ADHD Bipolar

Life Transitions Immigrants Depression

More Specialties

Play Therapy Theraplay(C) Alderian

Psychodynamic Attachment Models


English Polish

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