Religious Trauma

Sometimes the faith path takes wild turns, leaving you in a tough spot. We are here to help you through it and redefine spirituality on your own terms. 

religious trauma therapy

Understanding Religious Trauma

Religious trauma can emerge from environments where belief systems cause harm, rather than offer refuge. It might stem from direct experiences, such as undue harm from a religious figure, or indirect pressures, like the internal turmoil of maintaining appearances to conform with community expectations. These experiences can leave deep imprints on your emotional and mental well-being, influencing how you see yourself and your place in the world.

Navigate and overcome common challenges associated with Religious Trauma.

Navigating doubt

Exploring questions your faith community might not welcome, sparking a personal and challenging journey.

Healing from harm

Recovering from negative experiences with spiritual leaders or practices that were supposed to offer safety.

overcoming guilt

Shedding the heavy burden of guilt imposed by unrealistic religious expectations and teachings.

finding identity

Struggling to reconcile personal identity with rigid religious norms, seeking a true sense of self.

Rebuilding Community

Facing the loneliness of leaving or questioning your faith community, and finding new connections.

Navigating Sexual Identity

Dealing with the conflict between personal or sexual identity and strict religious views on purity.

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