Individual Therapy For Adults

We are here to help you filter through the noise and get through the rough patches. Dive in because your best self is waiting on the other side.

therapist in chicago
therapist in chicago

Unravel the 'why'

Ever caught yourself wondering, “Why do I even do this?” During sessions, it’s all about you and we’re here to unravel the mysteries behind your actions and reactions.

Together, we’ll turn those “huh?” moments into “aha!” insights, equipping you with the tools to refresh your life’s narrative and fine-tune your communication game.

And while we’re at it, we’ll help you find your emotional equilibrium, ensuring you’re standing on solid, drama-free ground.

Mastering Adulting

Dealing with bills, career decisions, and the constant “what’s my purpose?” can feel overwhelming. We’re here to partner with you, transforming the challenges of adulting into manageable, even rewarding milestones.

Modern Relationship Dynamics

Navigating the complex world of modern relationships can be tricky, from ghosting to finding genuine connections. We understand these nuances and are here to help you untangle the mess of digital and real-life interactions, fostering clarity and confidence in how you connect with others.

Discovering Your True Self

The journey to self-discovery and carving out your unique place in a rapidly changing world can seem daunting. Our sessions are designed to support you in this exploration, encouraging you to express your authentic self with confidence.

Breaking Free from the Past

Old stories, past pains, and the shadows of yesteryear can weigh heavy. Together, we’ll work on letting go, healing, and rewriting the narrative.

Indigo Therapy Group

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Things To Know

  • Elevators & Parking are available at both locations at the buildings. 
  • Virtual services are provided throughout Illinois.


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