Therapy for Bipolar Disorder in Chicago

Bipolar disorder is like being stuck in a loop of highs and lows. Therapy specifically for bipolar disorder can help you slow the cycle down and find mental and emotional balance.

therapist for bipolar disorder chicago
therapist for bipolar disorder chicago

Understanding Why Bipolar Disorder Makes You Feel This Way

Bipolar disorder swings your mood from super high to really low because it’s like your emotional thermostat is slightly busted, making it really tough to regulate how you feel. One minute you might be on top of the world, buzzing with energy, and the next, you’re plummeting into a deep, dark place. It’s this rollercoaster of highs and lows that makes navigating daily life a complex puzzle, constantly trying to find that balance. This is where therapy for bipolar disorder can help. 

Navigate and overcome common challenges associated with Bipolar Disorder

Mood Swings

Being unable to chill out, feeling keyed up all the time.

Impulsive Decisions

Making choices on the fly that might not vibe well with your usual thinking.

Concentration Issues

Finding it tough to focus or stay on track with tasks.


Sometimes pulling back because you’re not sure which version of you will show up.

Sleep Problems

Either barely blinking an eye at night or sleeping way more than usual.


Questioning your thoughts and feelings, wondering if they’re “real” or just the disorder talking.

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