Hannah Limback, MSW


In Person Oak Park & Virtual in Illinois

I strive to create and hold spaces where people can be their authentic selves, even in the midst of mental health struggles and life stresses.

About Me

Hannah is a therapist who helps individuals navigate societal pressures to rediscover their authentic selves. Using compassion, humor, and evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT, she creates a supportive space for clients to explore and understand their behaviors and emotions. Specializing in treating adults with anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues, Hannah focuses on fostering vulnerability and growth in therapy.

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Have you ever felt stuck or trapped by beliefs of what you should be doing, what you should have accomplished, how you should be handling stress, the person you should be? Hannah has too. She believes that we receive so much messaging from outside voices that our internal voice, beliefs, and identity get lost in the noise. Untangling yourself from all the “shoulds” in the world can feel overwhelming, and Hannah is here to help you. 

She strives to create and hold spaces where people can be their authentic selves, even in the midst of mental health struggles and life stresses. She believes that kindness, compassion, and humor are foundational treatment tools to creating connection, and using these tools can make vulnerability and authenticity even a little bit easier to access. In your sessions with Hannah, you’ll find each other laughing, joking, cursing, and growing. She mindfully allows herself to be seen as a human (turns out therapists aren’t robots!) to show there is no shame in human experiences like making mistakes or needing support and uses common humanity to emphasize the evidence based modalities she uses in her practice. CBT, DBT, ACT, and Motivational Interviewing guide conversations to help you build awareness of why you may engage in patterns of behavior, recognize what you do have the power to change, and accept aspects of your experiences that may be uncomfortable. Using your own personal values, identifying thought patterns and how those thoughts have shown up in your behaviors, you’ll figure out who you truly are and where you are going together, all while learning how to deal with the bumps and detours that come up along the way.

Hannah provides individual therapy for people ages 18+, with a special focus on folks with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, pregnancy and postpartum, substance use and behavioral addictions, ADHD, and chronic pain and illness.

Specialties & Interests

Mood Disorders Chronic Pain/Illness Substance Use

More Specialties

Perinatal Mood Disorders ADHD Executive Functioning

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Northbrook Location

900 Skokie Blvd., Suite 255

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Oak Park Location

1011 Lake Street, Suite 425

Oak Park, IL 60301


Things To Know

  • Elevators & Parking are available at both locations at the buildings. 
  • Virtual services are provided throughout Illinois.


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