Simone Primous-Gillon, MSW, LSW


In Person Oak Park & Virtual in Illinois

Ultimately, I am here to help my clients find support, community, and a voice as they continue their mental health journey.

About Me

Simone, a queer Black clinician from the Chicagoland area, specializes in mental health advocacy and support for anxiety, grief, trauma, and mood disorders, as well as LGBTQIA+ and domestic violence issues. Educated at Columbia College Chicago and DePaul University, she integrates evidence-based treatments to help clients reach their life goals. Simone’s personal and professional experiences inform her compassionate approach, focusing on developing coping skills and fostering community support.

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Access to mental health and wealth is not only a passion of Simone’s but a lifelong commitment. Growing up in the Chicagoland area to parents who were both community advocates, she saw how important it is to challenge the negative stigmas around caring for one’s own mental health needs. Navigating this world as a queer black clinician has also granted her many opportunities to work with clients who are often placed in bubbles that can be hard to maneuver away from. She primarily works with those who are looking to work through anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, coping skills, self-esteem navigation, mood disorders, LGBTQIA+ exploration, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence. Simone takes pride in being able to be a part of her client’s mental health and continued life journey.

Simone received her Bachelor’s from Columbia College Chicago and her Master’s from DePaul University (Social Work program). During her education and professional experience, she has had the fortunate pleasure of working with survivors of domestic violence, couples, and families seeking therapy services, individuals struggling with substance use, and individuals diagnosed with mood disorders. After becoming a caregiver for her mother who was newly diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2016, showing up for her through moments of anxiety, trauma, and depression provided Simone with the use of learning and understanding different coping skills and techniques that she still practices today.

Within her work, Simone uses evidence-based treatment and approaches to help guide her clients to dig deeper into understanding their own life goals and how to use the skills they’ll learn during their time together. Ultimately, Simone is here to help her clients find support, community, and a voice as they continue their mental health journey.

Specialties & Interests

Anxiety Depression Grief/Loss BIPOC

LGBTQIA+ Couples Families

More Specialties

Stress Self Esteem Life Transitions

Emotional Regulation Trauma Domestic Violence

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Northbrook Location

900 Skokie Blvd., Suite 255

Northbrook, IL 60062

Oak Park Location

1011 Lake Street, Suite 425

Oak Park, IL 60301


Things To Know

  • Elevators & Parking are available at both locations at the buildings. 
  • Virtual services are provided throughout Illinois.


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