Couples Counseling in Chicago

We are here to help mediate conflicts and learn sustainable strategies to bring up concerns. Couples counseling can help restore confidence and connection in your relationship.

couples counseling chicago

Unravel the 'why' in your relationship difficulties

If you’re wondering, “Will we ever fully be on the same page?”

During couples counseling, we’ll work together find new strategies and solutions to replace unhealthy patterns. We honor the entire family culture and will work to understand values and relationship patterns. Both partners will be heard and supported.

Help Improve Communication

When couples are struggling with communication, we help them to start learning how to understand each others values and needs better. Doing this can help restore confidence in your connection.

Increasing bonding and support

The focus is on enhancing the connection and support between partners. It’s crucial for strengthening the relationship. We aim to foster trust and mutual encouragement, moving towards becoming a stronger unit. The goal is to deepen the bond and create a solid support network.

Overcome recurring problematic patterns

In couples therapy, we aim to tackle those repetitive issues that keep popping up. It’s all about breaking the cycle and finding new, healthier ways to interact and communicate with each other.

Conflict Resolution

Addressing conflict resolution is key to smoothing out those bumps in the relationship. It’s about learning to communicate effectively and understanding each other’s perspectives to find common ground.

Real Talk Therapy

Straight-up, genuine conversations that cut through the noise, focusing on what truly matters to you.

Values That Vibe

We stand tall in our beliefs, offering a space where therapy is infused with passion, purpose, and a commitment to social justice.

Diversity & Inclusion Strength

Our team mirrors the world’s diversity, ensuring you find a therapist who truly gets you, no matter your story.

Therapy is for literally everyone.

Making Therapy Accessible, Because It Matters.

At Indigo, we're serious about smashing barriers to mental health care. We believe therapy should be actually accessible. That's why we're all in on accepting insurance. Because true inclusivity means ensuring everyone can step into our space, get the support they need, and not stress about the price. It's healthcare, plain and simple. And we're here to make it available to literally everyone.

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