Thalia Tikka, MSW, MA, LSW


Licensed Social Worker

In Person Oak Park & Virtual in Illinois

Our healing work is part of the larger social justice movements we participate in for our mutual liberation.

About Me

Thalia believes that therapists should first and foremost be accountable to the people they work with in therapy. Practicing this is different for different people, but the core premise is to prioritize your autonomy and ensure your agency in all therapeutic encounters.

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Practicing radical accountability as a therapist means seeking to understand and undermine ways that white supremacy, cis heteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, classism, and other forms of oppression impact our mental, emotional, behavioral, and social wellness. Processing relationships, trauma, and complex emotions in general, Thalia believes, requires an appreciation of how social power structures intersect in the therapeutic relationship. None are free till all are free — therapy is one way to approach that freedom.

As a therapist Thalia believes our healing work is part of the larger social justice movements we participate in for our mutual liberations. It is such a privilege working with people in these vulnerable care workspaces, where we strive for healing and freedom. Thalia’s graduate studies in Social Work and Women’s and Gender studies bridged transformative justice with mindfulness, feminist relations of care and queer liberation with narrative therapy and trauma recovery, and decolonial, anti-racist politics with strength-based, person-centered practices.

Thalia enjoys working with people as a guide to the maps of ourselves– our identities, histories, relationships, politics, traumas, sexualities, all the parts that make up our broken wholes. As a queer person her/themself, Thalia tends to work with other people exploring and expanding their sexualities and gender identities. As someone involved in radical politics, Thalia offers validation and therapeutic solidarity to abolitionists and activists across the spectrum of liberation movements. And as a person with mental illness her/themself, Thalia offers a dignified and person-centered approach to caring for our most sensitive personal issues and life challenges. Thalia also respects relationships and families going through acute stress, experiencing grief or loss, and/or navigating conflict, and offers compassionate and transformative approaches to working with relationships and families, especially non-traditional or queer relationships and chosen families. Thalia has worked with people from various global backgrounds who have experienced an array of hardships, oppressions, and traumas.

If you are grappling with the political misery of our moment, experiencing tensions around sexuality or gender, struggling with acute psychological issues (such as seeing or hearing what others don’t perceive, or chronic suicidal ideation), or other personal, political, or identity issues, then Thalia may be a suitable therapist for issues you are dealing with.

Specialties & Interests

Families & Chosen Families LGBTQIA+

More Specialties

Kink & BDSM Grief Trauma

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